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Buy a private jet

In case the use of a jet aircraft brings many positive aspects, it is important to consider your needs and expectations in order to find the most suitable solution. Acquisition or rental, prices and incidental costs, selection standards, etc. are elements to be examined in advance. Visit the website : https://www.lfhj.fr/en/ . To find the right aircraft, we must first determine what will best suit your personal needs.

The conditions for a private jet

Owning a jet aircraft generates high fixed costs, which could be amortized by regular use. On average, it takes about 400 flight hours each year to justify the purchase, compared to the rental. The colour of the fittings and the shape of these windows are not the only things to consider. More information training helicopter : contact a professionnal. The ideal alternative for a London-Geneva trip may not be acceptable for a flight. Some aircraft may be too big to land, others too small to make long, non-stop trips. This is a point, unless you systematically make the same type of trip. A personal jet costs on average between 2 and 35 million euros. The light jets, which are also the most affordable, will accommodate between 8 and 5 passengers for a distance of about 3,200 kilometres. Massive jets cost between 16 and 30 million euros, can accommodate more than 12 passengers and travel about 6,500 km, and include the "hidden" costs of insurance, kerosene and crew. There are companies that manage all these awards for 80,000 to 150,000 euros per year.

Reduce the cost of purchasing a private jet

Among the strategies to reduce the cost of purchasing a private jet. The first choice allows you to amortize some incidental expenses and therefore to leave your aircraft. To do this, you must approach an aircraft management company, which can take care of the management of your personal aircraft when you are not using it. The second alternative has recently appeared and consists in buying your personal jet with several people: therefore, you share the land of their jet as well as its period of use. This formulation may be interesting in some cases to significantly reduce purchase costs. However, before you buy your private jet, it is wise to create detailed profitability calculations and expenses.

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